Yannick Beaudoin

Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada

Expertise : Economics for transition to socially and ecologically sustainable societies; social innovation processes and transformational leadership; marine and economic geology

Credentials : M.A. Economics for Transition (Social-Ecological Economics); Ph.D. Marine Geology; M.Sc. Marine / Economic Geology; B.Sc. Geology; Former Chief Scientist with GRID-Arendal – a United Nations Environment Programme collaborating centre

Passions : Travel (having worked in / visited more than 80 countries); outdoor recreation, photography, writing, eating peanut butter and avoiding brussels sprouts


Having witnessed the flaws and failings of old economic thinking and practice, I see an opportunity emerging for Canada to lead the way in innovating a new ‘well-being economy’, designed to benefit all people and nature. DSF can be a catalytic force, giving voice to new thinking, innovation and transition.