Get your opinion on climate action published

A letter to the editor can foster conversations about climate change

A letter to the editor is a simple and effective way to raise the important issue of climate change in your community. The editorial pages are among the most-read sections of a newspaper, so a published letter can really get people thinking and talking about climate change.

Research has shown that people’s opinions are more likely to be influenced by their peers and community members than by experts, so your letter can have a real impact.

Share your views and help us reach our goal of 100 published letters to the editor, with at least one from each province and territory.


Mix and match or write your own completely, but remember that this is going to the editors of local media outlets, not to politicians directly.

  • Introduce yourself (i.e., I’m a mother, student, Indigenous person, engineer, scientist, new Canadian, etc.).  
  • Share your thoughts, beliefs and fears about climate change. Be as specific, descriptive and personal as you feel comfortable. Share how you have been personally affected by climate change, if you have.  
  • In 2021, extreme weather fuelled by the climate crisis made headlines around the world — heat domes, forest fires, floods, droughts. Climatologists expect more records to be broken and more destructive impacts from climate disruption in 2022.  
  • Over the holidays, millions of people watched Don’t Look Up, a feature film that communicates the dangers of ignoring dire scientific warnings. People are ready and calling for ambitious climate action. 
  • We need immediate, rapid, large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and a plan for a just transition that supports workers and communities in the necessary shift away from fossil fuels.  
  • All levels of government must prevent tax dollars from creating incentives for climate pollution, by phasing out all subsidies and public financing for oil, gas and coal. 
  • It is vitally important to respect Indigenous rights and leadership in all aspects of climate action.  
  • The UN and climate scientists issued a “code red for humanity,” warning that this is our last chance to implement the transformational changes necessary to keep warming below 1.5 C to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate chaos.   
  • We’ve heard the warnings over many decades. 2022 needs to be the year that we see bold action. Acting means healthier and more livable communities for all. We need hope, vision and action for the climate during these challenging times.  
  • The climate emergency is upon us, but solutions are available. Let’s set the targets according to the best available science and implement a plan to make sure we hit them.  
  • Let’s get to work. We have no time to waste.  

Your name, email and postal code will be included automatically at the end of your message. Do not write in this information at the bottom of your message.